<![CDATA[Professional Staffing Group, LLC: talent_showcase]]> http://TALENT.PROSTAFFGROUP.COM/ en-us <![CDATA[Ginger - CONTRACT - Office Administrator]]> I have been an administrative professional for over 20 years, and a small business owner for nearly 17 years. I started my career in the legal field as a certified paralegal/legal secretary advancing my way to Law Firm Administrator (I obtained my paralegal certification through the National Association of Legal Assistants). During my full-time employment, I also obtained my MBA while attending night school through the adult studies program at Belhaven College. My adult career has provided me with a variety of skills from general office, executive/office administrative/management, secretarial, legal and bookkeeping/accounting. A person who has a passion for health, fitness and nutrition, I recently obtained my personal trainer certification through the American Council on Exercise (ACE), and I possess a CPR/AED certificate. I enjoy learning, and consider myself to be a dependable, detail-oriented, organized and self-driven.
CP (Certified Paralegal)
CPT (Certified Personal Trainer)

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<![CDATA[Carley - PARALEGAL & LAW OFFICE MANAGEMENT]]> I am a talented paralegal with over 13 years experience working in plaintiff and defense settings with experience and a proven track record of effective assistance to attorneys during the pretrial phase and at trial.

Graduated with Honors as Salutatorian from Holmes Community College with an Associates in Applied Arts Degree focusing on Paralegal Technology.

Working cases from the initial intake, all the way to the table at trial. I can draft any and every document associated and have a true knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the legal process.


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  • Motivated, hardworking professional Receptionist/Administrative Assistance dedicated to providing top-quality customer service/client relations
  • Effective oral and written communication skills
  • Exceptional organizational and time management skills
  • Proven administrative experience with advanced technical skills that include proficiency in all Microsoft Office applications; talent for mastering new software quickly
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    <![CDATA[Jessica - BUSINESS MANAGER]]>
  • Highly skilled motivated, and always ready to advance and help grow a company's business
  • Honest, reliable, productive, motivated and enthusiastic
  • Competently managed over 200 rental properties
  • Became top-producer in Real Estate Office
  • Successfully put together a summer youth program for my company which serviced over 160 kids under supervision of the city's Mayor
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  • Effective oral and written communication skills
  • Exceptional organizational and time management skills
  • Report and document preparation
  • Records management
  • Keeping operating budget
  • Inventory management
  • Decision making, Planning & Prioritization
  • Creative problem solving
  • Maintaining calendars & schedules
  • Risk & conflict management
  • Leadership abilities
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Applications
  • Type over 60 wpm
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    <![CDATA[Karen - PROGRAM MANAGEMENT AND HR PROFESSIONAL]]> An advanced analytical thinking professional with meticulous organizational skills and a strong array of program management, human resource, license credentialing, career coaching, and recruitment experience.

    Adept in Human Anatomy and Physiology, Exercise Prescription, Medical Terminology, EPIC, Phlebotomy, and Medical Assisting.

    Delivers an unwavering commitment to directing and coordinating on-site personnel. Demonstrates strong ambition and critical thinking skills. Dynamic leader with an outstanding reputation for integrity and results. Excellent interpersonal skills and demonstrates positive rapport. Efficiently imparts knowledge through various methods of training and professional development. Skilled in strategic marketing, building positive business relationships, and outreach coordination.

    Recent achievements include:

    Promotion from Medical Assistant Instructor to Medical Assistant Program Manager.

    Promotion from Placement Coordinator to Director of Career Services. 

    Earning of Master's Degree from Mississippi University for Women

    Promotion to Property Manager of a 400 Unit Property

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  • Skilled administrator known for enthusiasm, being a team player, being a thinker and able to problem-solve at many different levels
  • Committed to the mission of companies and organizations for which I have worked and keep these foremost in mind in decision making
  • Works well with both supervisors and staff members and am known for seeing the big picture while giving attention to all necessary details
  • Energetic and love to work with others to see goals accomplished
  • Led in the dramatic increase of a university retention program
  • Mentored management staff for maximum output and so that they were promoted to senior-level positions
  • Coordinated a communications team, bringing distinct sensitivity to strategic constituencies
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  • Problem solving and organizational insights
  • Team recruitment, development, and production
  • Meeting organizational goals with maximum savings
  • Understanding climates through changing times
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    <![CDATA[Elizabeth - Paralegal / Legal Secretary]]> Elizabeth has completed an accelerated paralegal program at Queens College. She graduated from Westchester College with a 3.8 GPA & Phi Theta Kappa Honors. She was an orientation leader and peer advisor for the college. Currently is employed as a store manager while seeking to fulfill her professional goal within the legal field. She excels in both sales and paralegal work. 

    Associate degree with honors
    Certified paralegal
    1 year Management experience

    Wed, 08 Aug 2018 00:00:00 EDT
  • Self-motivated goal setter and achiever with experience in litigation support, sales, marketing and administration
  • Exceptional comprehension and communication, both written and verbal
  • Strong working knowledge of legal system and court proceedings and focused dedication to client satisfaction
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    <![CDATA[Albert - Health Care Professional]]> I see myself as a frontrunner that can cultivate and nurture the foundation of a group of people in order to help them evolve and perform effectively. I am versatile, I enforce and actively demonstrate the moral and professional values set by both my experience and my superiors, and I incessantly work to ensure goals are met to the utmost standard. In reference to my resume, my professional experience has allowed me to become exponentially adept in professional communication, business management, administration, and leadership, marketing and outreach, and customer service. I have seen what it takes to maintain the structure and veracity of large businesses and companies, including a Fortune 500 business (UnitedHealth Group), and I am seeking a career path that caters to these strengths I have developed. I am a recent graduate of Belhaven University where I obtained my Master s in Business Administration with a concentration in Healthcare Administration and Management. Prior to that, I achieved my Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in Spanish at Mississippi College. I am an alum of The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science's class of 2011. I am also an alum of the Health Care Alliance, EXCEL, and MedCorp Programs of the University of Mississippi Medical Center, the National Student Leadership Program in Washington, DC, and the Science Academy Program of Alcorn State University.
    I exceeded regulatory compliance requirements at UnitedHealth Group and was ranked the #1 Provider Services Representative out of 450 representatives across the Community and State sector of UnitedHealth Group in January 2017.
    I am an honorary alum of the Health Care Alliance, EXCEL, and MedCorp Programs of the University of Mississippi Medical Center.
    I have a published poem ("Midnight Walkers") in the compilation series, A Celebration of Young Poets, 2006.

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    <![CDATA[Ada - PARALEGAL]]>
  • Motivated Paralegal/Legal Assistant with 25+ years of experience in litigation, insurance defense and federal law with ability to move between areas of practice with ease and diligence, managing cases from inception to finalization with minimal attorney supervision
  • Exceptional organizational, prioritization and time management skills; comfortable in fast-paced work environment
  • Talent for quickly mastering technology, proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, WordPerfect, Westlaw, LexisNexis, and legal document management software; type 50+ wpm
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills; diplomatic and tactful with professionals and clients at all levels
  • Maintenance and coordination of multiple calendars, appointments and deadlines
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    <![CDATA[Cindy - OFFICE PROFESSIONAL]]> I grew up in the Mississippi Delta.  I literally care about the general welfare of others. I am a very reliable/dependable, honest, hardworking woman. I always put my best efforts forward in everything I do. I love people and helping others.

    I have been typing professionally for approximately 34 years now in the medical field, as well as the legal field. I love both fields. I have typed on many platforms and many ESL dictators over the years. I have also typed for hospitals throughout the United States of America, remotely as well as in-office. I have worked for a very large law firm of approximately 12 lawyers. At one point, I was elected as the Treasurer for the MS Legal Secretary Association. I really enjoy challenges. I like to keep my brain stimulated.  I worked really hard in school and have always striven to do my best. 

    I know this does not have anything to do with professional work, but I would have to say that my number one accomplishment would be that of being a Mother to my three children. I am so proud of them. I have been truly blessed and now am a grandmother of two beautiful boys.
    I studied really hard while in school and I graduated with honors, so I would say that was also a great accomplishment in my life.
    I wrote a book and self-published it to amazon.com and the Kindle Store. It took me approximately one year to complete it.

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  • Motivated Legal Support Professional with 10+ years’ experience in administrative support and customer service
  • Effective communication skills; ability to develop positive rapport and maintain client relations
  • Advanced technical skills that include proficiency in Microsoft Office applications and custom, proprietary programs
  • Strong work ethic; adaptable to change and learning quickly; warm, friendly persona
  • Currently successfully training a service dog for PTSD/Anxiety
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