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  • Monitored and inspected 100% accuracy and accountability...]]> Mon, 27 Mar 2017 00:00:00 EDT Candidate Comment:

    “I'm currently looking for a job that allows me to live up to my skills. I've worked so hard in my life to be great at everything I do. I take my career very seriously, and I would love to find a company that I could grow with.

    “Once I learn a process from top to bottom, I then get with management to find ways to find simpler ways to finish the process and save the company money while keeping safety in mind.”


    From the PSG Recruitment Team:

    “This candidate has quite a lot of experience in her field and would be an asset to any company!”


    • Assessing Organizational Needs
    • Setting Strategic Direction
    • Implementing Initiatives that Enhance Productivity
    • Microsoft Office Suite, including Microsoft Access
    • Very Efficient in Using Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
    • Lotus Notes
    • Crystal
    • WMS, TVS, IMS, & PKM
    • Collaborative Worker
    • Shift Supervision
    • Data Collection and Analysis
    • Lift 50+ Pounds
    • Team Management
    • Inventory Inspection
    • Accountable, Dependable
    1 http://talent.prostaffgroup.com/images/talent/664/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-3C939800-56EB-34D9-B6B4-890733CCC8D8.png <![CDATA[Angel - Registered Nurse]]> Experience 

    • Triaged and made initial assessments...]]> Tue, 21 Mar 2017 00:00:00 EDT Candidate Comment

      “I’d love to be a valuable team member in a smaller clinic setting where I can engage both my patient care and my administrative skills. But, I'm open to some hospital positions and love the 3:00 - 11:00 shift!

      “I’m a goal-oriented, skilled, and patient-focused Registered Nurse with excellent interpersonal and therapeutic communication skills. I readily develop positive rapport with patients, family, staff and physicians. I strive to impact lives on a daily basis through promotion and restoration of health, prevention of illness, and alleviation of suffering.”



      From the PSG Recruitment Team

      “This candidate is everything you’d want a nurse to be; she’s so kind and caring and nurturing!”


      • Knowledge of Clinical Nursing Care Procedures and Protocols, Including Inpatient Care, Acute Care, Operating Room and Recovery Room
      • Medicine Administration, Vital Signs, Infection Prevention and IV Therapy
      • Basic Life Support (BLS) / Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
      • Knowledge of Medical Records and Medical Terminology
      • Strong Verbal and Written Communication Skills
      • Excellent Interpersonal Skills with Patient Satisfaction Being Top Priority
      • Ability to Work in Team Environments
      • Easily Develops Rapport with Patients and their Families, Physicians, Nurses, Technicians and Support Staff
      • Proofreading Skills
      • Internet Savvy
      1 http://talent.prostaffgroup.com/images/talent/664/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-D822F047-3CB9-306B-AC59-1E61A55FFEBA.png <![CDATA[Tess - Medical Secretary / Customer Service Specialist]]> Experience

      • Three years’ experience working with medical records
      • ...]]> Mon, 13 Mar 2017 00:00:00 EDT Candidate Comment 

        “I am a medical office and customer service specialist. I’m seeking a challenging position with opportunities for growth and advancement.”


        From the PSG Recruitment Team

        “This candidate is super nice and has great references from her previous employers. She’s a good, steady employee who comes to work and does her job well. She’s looking for a medical back office position, and she’s great at filing charts. She’d also be a really good medical receptionist.”


        • Computer Skills
          • Microsoft Office Suite
          • Peachtree
          • Desktop Publishing
          • Typing – more than 45 words per minute
        • Customer Service
        • Strong Attention to Detail
        • Accounting and Records Management
        • Verbal and Written Communication
        1 http://talent.prostaffgroup.com/images/talent/664/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-246ACD69-EBEA-3E3A-8D97-A61E18038153.png <![CDATA[Lakisha - Paralegal / Legal Secretary]]> Experience

        • More than 10 years of experience in clerical work and customer...]]> Fri, 10 Mar 2017 00:00:00 EST Candidate Comment 

          “I am seeking a rewarding position within the legal field for a firm that offers opportunities for growth, advancement, and longevity.”


          From the PSG Recruitment Team

          “This candidate is just fabulous! She’s very well put-together, and she has great work history. Her work history has been with an organization that processes Medicare and Medicaid claims; it’s very detail-oriented and aligns neatly with the legal profession. Now that she’s completed her paralegal degree, she would make an outstanding employee for any law firm. Her skills will definitely translate into a job at a legal office.”


          • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite
          • Customer Service
          • CPT and ICD coding
          • HIPPA Compliance
          • Time Management
          • Financial and Accounting Skills
          • Verbal Communication
          1 http://talent.prostaffgroup.com/images/talent/664/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-D47D6188-DE86-3AD3-BDAD-0EE8BCDB8686.png <![CDATA[Pam - Office Administrator / Medical & Legal ]]> Experience 

          • Over five years' experience as medical office administrator
          • ...]]> Fri, 10 Feb 2017 00:00:00 EST Candidate Comment 

            "I have worked in Mississippi all my adult life. I was a client of Legal Resources, now Professional Staffing Group, in the late 90's and later a candidate when I decided to make a transition in my career. Having had exceptional experiences in both situations, I turned to them again for assistance with my next career move. I am presently employed and though it is a good job I know it will not lead to what I want professionally. Working with PSG as a passive candidate allows me to explore opportunities confidentially. I know when it comes to hiring, the best employees are already employed and likely not actively looking. That is the value of PSG. Please contact them today. I might be your next best hire!"


            • Experience HR generalist for medical and legal office
            • Extensive knowledge of customer service, accounting, human relations and management
            • Ability to take initiatives, problem solve, bringing greater efficiency to office processes
            • Proficient in standard and custom administrative software
            • Strong typing, dictation and transcription skills
            • Payroll processing
            • Accounts Payable and Receivable
            • Dedicated and focused: able to prioritize and complete multiple tasks and follow through to achieve and complete goals
            • Creative, resourceful, and flexible, able to adapt to changing priorities and maintain a positive attitude and strong work ethic
            • Fluid with use of all Microsoft Office programs.
            • Efficient typist and comfortable with document production and management in Word or Word PerfectIndependent and self-motivated individual with excellent research and writing skills
            • Able to foster positive relationships with patients, staff and clients at all organizational levels
            1 http://talent.prostaffgroup.com/images/talent/664/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-DD0141E9-DBF8-3ACB-9A1D-4D725C49AFD9.png <![CDATA[Kimberly - Bookkeeper / Office Manager ]]> Experience

            • 25+ years of office management experience
            • Full...]]> Fri, 10 Feb 2017 00:00:00 EST Candidate Comment

              "Most of my adult working life was in Michigan. I followed my husband to Mississippi in 2012 and I got a job immediately. In 2015, I decided to take some time off and take college courses toward completing my degree in accounting. I am now ready for full time employment but am open to short term assignments during my job search. Ultimately I want to join a company that can really use my multiple skills and put my experience to work in ways that help the company be more prosperous and harmonious."


              • Highly competent with full Microsoft Office Suite including advanced skills in Excel
              • Highly efficient with QuickBooks and QuickBooks Pro
              • PeachTree proficiency
              • Worked with fixed asset reports
              • Performed all aspects of cost accounting
              • Calm confident managerial skills
              • Analytical with proven problem solving skills
              • Highly efficient time manager
              • Focus on process and procedure 
              1 http://talent.prostaffgroup.com/images/talent/664/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-05D358B1-3951-3DF7-ABCB-563C99E65FE6.png